Highly mobile workers have been looking for a solution to reduce the number of devices they need to carry from throughout their day. Unlike stationary employees, these workers aren’t tied down to one workspace, but still expected to have the same level of productivity. To accomplish this, many carry multiple devices to access all of their data and stay connected.

Samsung DeX enables you to extend your smartphone to a full desktop experience, reducing the need for a laptop. The DeX station allows you to dock your Galaxy S8 and connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, accessing multiple resizable windows and using keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality. It’s also compatible with most virtual desktop providers for easy access to the data you need. While this solution may not work for all mobile workers, it provides a smart alternative if you’re ever looking to leave your PC behind.

Evaluate whether the DeX station can lighten your load with the five simple questions in the infographic above.