To comply with the Electronic Logging Device mandate, California-based Rocha Transportation equipped its 50-truck fleet with the Omnitracs XRS platform run on Samsung Galaxy Tab E devices and secured using RAM vehicle mounts.

The company had previously used a proprietary in-cab device, but it was slow and cumbersome for drivers and didn’t provide real-time data to management. Zach Dirksen, corporate treasurer for Rocha, decided to switch to the Omnitracs XRS solution and Samsung Galaxy tablets to incorporate fleet management as well as ELD compliance.

“The mandate goes into effect at the end of this year, and we wanted to be ahead of the curve,” Dirksen said.

Drivers love the system because it eliminates paperwork in the cab. Dispatchers are able to track drivers’ locations and know how much time remains in their hours of service. Managers are able to track driver performance for coaching, and catalog vehicles for maintenance and repairs. These developments are already bringing change, with customers noticing a more disciplined operation that results in better service.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Rocha Transportation used Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E devices to improve regulatory compliance, fleet management, driver satisfaction and customer service.