Even if you’re an experienced video producer, making the move to 360 production presents some complexities you’ve probably never encountered before. Creating immersive VR experiences means accommodating differences in how audiences watch, interact with and react to the content. The format presents special considerations in lighting, storyboarding and scene-setting. Post-production requires special equipment and skills. But the reward is a captivating experience that engages audiences in a whole new way.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why now is the time to get into 360 video;
  • How to script, storyboard and direct for an immersive VR experience;
  • Editing, stitching and rendering: the fine points of 360 post-production
  • Where and how to distribute your 360 content

Featured speakers:

  • Matt Rowell, President & Co-founder, 360 Labs
  • Josh Dixon, Emerging Products Lead, Samsung Electronics America