Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Mobile, the most widely used operating system in the handheld scanner market. The decision presents customers with a dilemma about upgrade paths. Modern smartphones and tablets are a natural choice. They deliver more functionality at lower cost than traditional scanners. Based on the market-leading Android operating system, they support a vibrant ecosystem of third-party developers, which guarantees a long and healthy future.

Ruggedized phones and tablets can also be used for much more than scanning. They’re flexible, functional and powerful multi-use devices that support a wide variety of applications for field workers while maintaining constant communication with co-workers and the home office. Bottom line: There’s never been a bettertime to trade in those old scanners for a more powerful, functional and flexible platform.

In this webinar you’re learn:

  • How smartphones and tablets can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of factory floor and back of the office retail environments
  • How rugged devices enable applications to be reimagined for digital transformation
  • Features to look for when choosing a solution that is rugged and capable of increasing your workforce’s efficiency

Featured speakers:

  • John Gibson – Vertical Business Development, Strategic OEM Solutions, Samsung Electronics America
  • Justin Corbell – VP, Sales and Business Development, Scandit