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Transforming Medicine with Digital Health Technology

Spiraling health-care costs are fueling demand for digital solutions that can cut the frequency of office visits, give patients more control over their own care and improve caregiver productivity. Digital Health technology combines sensors, mobile devices, wireless data and analytics to improve the health and fitness of patients while reducing costs. Solutions range from virtual reality experiences that reduce pain to implantable devices, health monitoring and coaching apps and home monitoring. Early experience shows that the use of Digital Health technologies can improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction rates.

The challenge is getting the tools in the right hands. Twenty percent of patients account for 80% of healthcare costs, and these patients tend to be the least likely to adopt digital tools. Samsung, in cooperation with caregivers, insurers and patients, is leading the charge to improve usability and accessibility to make Digital Health a standard part of the patient care process.

In this webinar, Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer & VP/GM of B2B Healthcare at Samsung Electronics America, will present an overview of the new breed of tools that are transforming patient care, summarize the dramatic results that are already being seen and preview new technologies that are on the horizon. You’ll learn:

• How virtual reality is being used to treat debilitating medical conditions such as pain, stress, anxiety, and low vision;
• How mobile apps can enable patients and providers to collaborate on care strategies and permit physicians to monitor patient’s progress remotely;
• How consumer-based technologies are transforming the user experience for patients with implantable medical devices; and
• Strategies for addressing the pressing challenges that seniors face, including social isolation, decreased functional status. and the shortage of care providers

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David C. Rhew, M.D.

David C. Rhew, M.D., is the Chief Medical Officer & VP and GM of B2B Healthcare for Samsung Electronics America. David holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science and cellular molecular biology from the University of Michigan, and an MD from Northwestern University. He has served in a variety of leadership and clinical research roles including at Zynx Health Incorporated, the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, and UCLA. Follow Dr. Rhew on Twitter: @drhew

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