For resource-constrained small and midsize businesses, mobile device management can be a daunting challenge. Choosing devices and service plans, managing devices in the field, troubleshooting and ensuring secure access require time and specialized knowledge that small businesses often lack. With the growing popularity of unlocked smart phones, business-owners can now take advantage of managed services that take much of the headache out of mobile device selection and management.

Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) providers precisely match devices and plans to a business’ needs and budget. They work with customers to build a strategic mobility plan, choose the devices and services that are right for the business and ensure maximum availability and connectivity. And they supply 24 X 7 support and expertise on a subscription basis. Customers save money by paying only for what they need while maximizing uptime and user productivity. One study estimated that businesses can realize a three-year return on investment of 150 to 450 percent with MaaS compared to managing devices themselves.

This webinar will familiarize small and midsize business owners with MaaS and outline the options they can choose from. You’ll hear from an independent SMB expert about how to decide if the services are right for your business. A service provider will cover specific options, costs and ROI expectations. And a Samsung expert will detail the growing suite of manageability features that are available on today’s smart devices. You’ll learn:

  • How to compare available MaaS services to the unique needs of your business;
  • How to evaluate and select mobile platforms and service providers; and
  • Tips for estimating ROI and total cost of ownership savings.

Featured Speakers:

  • Laurie McCabe, Cofounder & Partner, SMB Group
  • Mike McGuire, President, Mobility Consulting Group
  • Jennifer Pointer, Director, Mobile B2B, Samsung Electronics America

Interested in learning more? Watch the webinar above to hear from our speakers about how you can increase productivity for your SMB through a mobility as a service plan!