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Tablets Help Seniors Connect with the Outside World and Access Mobile Health Solutions [VIDEO]

For the 2 million homebound seniors in the U.S., isolation threatens both their emotional and physical well-being. Mobile technology can improve their quality of life by connecting them with friends, family and care providers. Yet only 18 percent of American seniors use smartphones, and another 18 percent own tablets, according to the Pew Research Center.

Samsung and Breezie are working together to bring seniors into the digital age. Breezie is a simplified, senior-friendly platform created for Samsung Galaxy tablets that enables users to access mobile health solutions, connect with loved ones and view online content for leisure, learning and emergency preparedness.

For example, Gail McCormick, 72, suffered a head injury in 1992, leaving her with limited mobility. Confined to her home, she felt cut off from her family and local community. This isolation became life-threatening during a 2013 winter storm when she lost power for a week and nearly froze to death.

Now that she has a Breezie tablet, she has reconnected with friends and family, and can get help during emergencies. “Last year, I had my tablet, and it was a winter from hell,” says McCormick. “I was able to stay in contact with … the director of the senior center. It was really comforting because I had that connection with somebody. I had emergency numbers on my tablet. I felt safe.”

To hear more about McCormick’s story, watch the video below produced in partnership with the Washington Post.

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