Students today are digital natives. They have grown up with technology, and when they leave the classroom to attend college or to join the workforce, they need 21st-century skills to be competitive. Providing them only with paper, a pencil and a textbook is not relevant to the world they live in. The Internet is at their fingertips and almost every type of job today includes some type of online component. The challenge for school districts is how to make the transformation to digitally delivered learning.

Groveport Madison School District has taken a big step in this effort by deploying Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education to 2,500 of its students. Students are more engaged in learning now, rather than just passively receiving information. The use of Chromebooks has increased flexibility in course offerings, improved the quality of services from the schools and is better preparing students for the world around them.

Watch the below video to hear teachers and students at Groveport Madison School District describe their experience with this transformation to digitally delivered learning. For additional information, read the case studyDigital Learning Engages Students, Empowers Teachers at Groveport Madison.”