The advent of fine pixel pitch LED displays is enabling designers and architects to deliver digital content in its purest form, on vast, seamless canvases.

The LED display industry is rapidly evolving because of fine pixel pitch displays — technology defined by the increasingly narrow gap between the tiny LED lights that drive images. We all know outdoor LED displays from highway billboards, stadium scoreboards and Times Square advertising spectaculars. Those displays have wide pixel pitches and are intended to be seen from considerable distances, as distance makes the gaps disappear to our eyes.

The new breed, also known as direct-view LEDs, are designed primarily for indoor use, and can be viewed from much closer distances because the LED pixels are tightly packed. While outdoor displays have pixels pitches ranging from 6 to 20 mm, Samsung’s new indoor LED display modules have pixel pitches of 1.5, 2 and 2.5 mm, delivering crisp image quality from as close as 15 feet.

These displays present an attractive alternative to conventional LCD video walls because the building block design of LED modules delivers very large visuals with no perceptible seams. (Even ultra-narrow bezel LCDs, grouped together in arrays, still have evident gridlines.)

Watch the video below to learn more about the exciting capabilities of fine pixel pitch displays.