For many of us, medical care is something we think about in fits and starts — a trip to the doctor when we’re sick and maybe the occasional checkup. But for people with diabetes, carefully monitoring and sharing critical medical information is necessary every hour of the day. Thankfully, it’s now just as easy as checking your phone — simple, discreet and secure. Samsung is excited to partner with Medtronic, the global leader in medical device technology, to launch the MiniMed® Connect app for the Android™ operating system.

Today, users can view their sensor glucose levels right from their smartphones. With just a few taps, they can easily share this information with family and caregivers, as well as medical providers. The mobile app also lets users set up automated text alerts for their family and caregivers — a particularly useful feature for those who have children or elderly family members with diabetes. And while the app works on a wide variety of Android devices, it has been tested and approved for use by Medtronic on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphones.

Healthcare mobile apps like the MiniMed Connect app for Android have proven to be a critical tool in improving patient outcomes and making a real impact on their well-being. In fact, a recent study of 2,800 MiniMed Connect app users found that the average user reported two fewer severe low (<50 mg/dl for more than 20 minutes) blood sugar events, and 41 fewer severe high (>300 mg/dl for more than 20 minutes) blood sugar events in a year. Two-thirds of the users in the study also reported that because of the MiniMed Connect system, they stayed in the healthy blood sugar range more often than before they used it. These results reflect real benefits for patients and the importance of having easy-to-use mobile technologies that have a tangible impact on outcomes.

Integrating Technology Into Patients’ Everyday Lives

Samsung’s partnership with Medtronic — and the launch of MiniMed Connect for Android — is yet another example of how collaboration efforts to develop innovative solutions that marry the consumer experience with medical device technology can lead to improvements in people’s lives. The app’s ability to display sensor glucose levels and pump information directly onto your mobile phone leads to better care. Its ability to share data with practitioners allows for faster and more informed medical discussions. And by taking the steps to seamlessly integrate technology into our lives, we’re providing people with diabetes a discreet and convenient way to enjoy the best quality medical care.

But what’s most exciting about our work with Medtronic and the launch of the MiniMed Connect app for Android is what it represents. Collaboration between medical device manufacturers and technology companies are going to define the future of the medical space — for patients and providers. With apps and mobile devices that are both personal and powerful, medical monitoring and care can be made simpler and easier for everyone.

And along with Medtronic, we at Samsung are enormously proud to lead the way.

Learn more about how the MiniMed Connect app can enhance patient care and improve communication between patients and caregivers here.


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