In order to stay competitive, retailers must be able to reach the coveted millennial generation, and personalization is key. Millennials want to be treated as individuals, with their specific needs and preferences addressed.

The critical component of delivering a personalized experience for millennials is a mobile-first strategy that guides each customer through all phases of the shopping journey. Personalization is emphasized at every step, with sensors and beacons interacting with shoppers’ smartphones to deliver targeted messages, providing additional product information and alerting store associates when a customer is in the vicinity. These devices collect essential shopper data to help retailers deliver personalized service and refine staffing, inventory and other strategies, resulting in a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for a mobile-focused generation of customers.

By treating millennials as unique individuals rather than just another demographic in a mass of customers, retailers can not only help drive current sales, but also provide an outstanding shopping experience that will encourage customers to keep returning.

Learn more about the cutting-edge technology that’s shaping the retail store of the future in the video below.