Durable Smartphones Increase Technicians' Work Flow Efficiency

Customer Need

Tri-State Compressed Air Systems, Inc. provides services and industrial air compressors to large manufacturers across Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois with technicians available 24/7. Because thousands of customers are dependent on their air compressors to keep critical business equipment functional, Tri-State needed to provide its technicians with durable mobile devices that increased their performance efficiently to reduce customer downtime.

The Solution

Out-of-the-box durability and long-lasting battery life


The Galaxy S active smartphones enable Tri-State to outperform the competition. Using the camera to take high-quality pictures in harsh conditions, technicians can quickly repair systems or address warranty issues. Customers save tens of thousands of dollars by getting their manufacturing equipment back in working order faster or having their warranty claims approved more quickly, as Tri-State reaps the advantages of mobile devices that can withstand tough working conditions.

“Having reliable technology helps our customers trust us.”
– Patrick Siegel, General Manager, Tri-State Compressed Air Systems, Inc.
The Customer Need

A Mobile Device to Withstand Harsh Environments

Tri-State’s previous devices could not withstand the harsh work environment

Technicians use their phones extensively to take photos and send and access information from suppliers. However, the installation sites of most air compressor systems are dark, and servicing them often involves trying to get pictures of serial numbers on equipment that’s small, dark, dirty, covered in sludge or in a tight space.

Tri-State had tried several types of mobile devices, but none had been up to the task. In previous years, they went through a lot of phones that couldn’t withstand harsh working environments. They often ran into problems with battery life, and getting a good photograph on past phones was “hell on earth,” according to Siegel. Tri-State needed a more durable phone to survive the rough working conditions, but they also needed one with better performance capabilities to help them do their jobs more effectively and to reduce system downtime for customers.

The Solution:

The Galaxy S Active Takes up the Challenge

Another major challenge for Tri-State is the need to take photos in tough conditions. “For every compressor we sell, we’re required to send specific pictures of the installation, including the electric connections, temperature of the room — all the data — to the supplier before they will approve the installation and issue a warranty,” says Siegel. In addition to repair systems, technicians often need to send detailed pictures to suppliers for help in diagnosing and repairing the systems.

With a large 4,000mAh battery, the Galaxy S7 active can last throughout the entire day

The Technology:

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Galaxy S Series

Flagship smartphone line for enterprise productivity, performance and security.

Galaxy S7 active

Ruggedly built, military-grade exterior that’s made to endure some of the harshest, dirtiest and most challenging work environments.



The Result:

Major Performance Improvements and Faster Service Times

Since introducing the Samsung Galaxy S active, Tri-State has noticed a significant decline in the number of mobile devices that need replacement due to drops, bumps and moisture that are a standard part of their technicians’ working environment.

“In previous years, we would go through a lot of phones,” says Siegel, who’s responsible for replacing or repairing damaged phones. “But the guys who received Galaxy S active phones, I haven’t heard from them in months.”

More importantly, the Galaxy S active smartphones have allowed Tri-State to gain a competitive edge. “In an environment where relationships are everything and you need to be able to get in touch with people whenever and wherever you are, having a phone with a fast enough processor and a long battery life has been critical,” says Siegel. “Being able to get ahold of people quickly, get good pictures and get emails, it puts us head and shoulders above the competition with these phones.”

“The initial roll out has gone so well that those that don’t yet have the Galaxy S active smartphones are trying to break theirs so they can get one.” – Patrick Siegel, General Manager, Tri-State Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

This extra performance power has also allowed technicians to do their jobs better and faster. Kaeser Compressors, Tri-State’s air compressor supplier, has felt comfortable enough with the quality of the pictures and with Tri-State’s technology to allow them to take and submit photos for warranty issues themselves. Now, Siegel explains, “our customers have enjoyed hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings because of the better pictures we’re able to get so the supplier can judge whether to cover a claim.”

Furthermore, the technicians’ ability to talk with suppliers, clearly hear the conversation and read detailed diagrams on their mobile devices has helped make service calls faster and smoother. “It’s a timed drill getting a system back up,” says Siegel. “Often we’re dealing with piece rate workers and every minute the system is down they’re not getting paid. The company is also losing money. Being able to move quickly is critical.”

“The initial roll out has gone so well,” jokes Siegel, “that those that don’t yet have the Galaxy S active smartphones are trying to break theirs so they can get one.” But Siegel is quick to point out that the benefits provided by the Galaxy S active have made a huge difference in enhancing customer satisfaction and improving employee efficiency. “It’s those little things — thinking about the phones the technicians are using and how they are treating their customers — that are the big things that help separate us from the competition,” he notes. “Having reliable technology helps our customers trust us.”