Broken phone, broken heart. If you’re as connected to your mobile device as I am, you know the pain of a broken phone. Not having access to your email, calendar and apps can be a big blow to your day and your work productivity.

To help us repair (and rebuild), FedEx Office recently opened a Samsung-authorized service center inside of their Lexington Avenue and 54th Street location in New York City.

The first-of-its-kind smartphone repair center can help with a range of issues, including screen repair, setup and troubleshooting, as well as power and charging problems. Just drop off your Samsung phone, and a FedEx authorized repair specialist will get to work to have it fixed, often within just two hours.

“For over 35 years, FedEx has maintained and repaired all of their own electronic equipment,” said Aaron Hutt, manager for technology and integration, when we visited the repair center last month.

“We wanted to bring that expertise to the Samsung phone market.”

See more from inside the FedEx Office Service Center in this video — and don’t miss the adorable robot they use to transport devices.