How Small Businesses Can Create Amazing Video Content On a Smartphone

When small business owners hear the word “video,” one of the first images that comes to mind is often a dollar sign. While not every business has the budget to book a full production crew, the good news is that in 2019, you don’t have to do that.

Here’s how a powerful smartphone with pro-grade shooting and editing capabilities — such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note10 — gives your company the power to be creative anywhere, anytime, on the fly.

How to Add Bokeh to Video With Live Focus Video

The content you share on social media can act as a portfolio of work for your business. Think about it: If you were booking a dinner reservation, wouldn’t you be interested in checking out a restaurant’s Instagram page to get a sense of its atmosphere, top dishes and signature cocktails? A recent study found 74 percent of consumers believe a connection exists between watching a video on social media and their buying decisions. Adding visual effects to your videos, such as a bokeh effect, is an excellent way to guide your audience’s eyes and draw attention to specific features.

Control What Your Audience Can Hear With the Galaxy Note10 Zoom-in Mic

It may sound like a marketing buzzword, but authenticity in 2019 is more important than ever. According to a report from Stackla, 90 percent of millennials, 86 percent of Gen X and 80 percent of Baby Boomers admit that authenticity is a major factor when deciding which brands they support. Clean and minimalist content produced in real-time and hosted on platforms like Instagram Stories is a great way to resonate with your customers. However, this can be a challenge at live events and venues where constant noise and movement can distort the quality of your video. A feature like audio zoom can help you achieve better audio quality in these types of environments.

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Catch All the Action Without the Shakes Using Super Steady Video

Super steady enables you to capture and correct content in motion. With the Galaxy Note10, small businesses can quickly begin to assemble a pro-grade production kit with just a few low-cost accessories. For example, while Super steady is great for handheld shots, a cheap tripod paired with the S Pen makes it easy to operate your camera, thanks to the S Pen’s remote control capabilities. While audio zoom helps you hone in on the sounds you want to capture in postproduction, investing in an affordable Bluetooth lavalier microphone can help you record closer audio while filming on the spot.

Shoot, Edit and Share Like a Pro With Video Editor

After you’ve seen success with lo-fi video, you may opt to invest in a more high-quality video production. Fortunately, you don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to accomplish this. The Galaxy Note10 offers a variety of ways to cut, color and score your videos to add a professional finish to your video content. For a better look at what you’re doing, you can connect your phone to a monitor with Samsung DeX, and edit on a big screen with your mouse and keyboard.

No matter what your goals are, video content is an engaging way to make your small business seen and heard by a broader audience.

Discover more ways the Galaxy Note10 gives you the flexibility to be creative whenever your small business gets a spontaneous burst of inspiration.

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