You know how important sales are to the success of your business, but it’s hard to sell your products and services if potential customers don’t know you exist. That’s why marketing is so crucial for any new business. It’s how you raise brand awareness and attract buyers.

Here are four ways to get your startup noticed:

1. Advertising

Small business advertising can have a big impact on brand awareness and sales, but only if you get in front of your target audience with specific information about what you’re offering and why they need it.

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You can advertise online with banner ads, email campaigns, sponsored social posts, Facebook or Instagram ads, YouTube commercials and more. Or you can keep it old-school — advertising in magazines, direct mail, trade or business journals and vehicle or store signage. The best strategy depends on who your target customers are and where they’re most likely to spend their time.

2. Content marketing

Think of content marketing as brand journalism. The goal is to show your customers or prospects what you have that’s of use to them, not just advertise your product. Content marketing can include thought leadership articles, blogs, infographics or videos that position you as a source of knowledge and value.

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3. Partnerships

Partnerships can range from joint ventures to co-marketing content that can help you get in front of a new audience. Ask yourself: Is there another product or service that’s already targeting your customer base? If so, how could you work together for mutual benefit? Perhaps this partner could offer your goods or services as an add-on — or an integral component or their own goods or services — or you could co-sponsor an event. For example, a former client of mine, an independent financial advisor, partnered with several small accounting firms and grew much faster than his peers.

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4. Publicity

Some people consider publicity separate from marketing, but for small businesses, it all goes together. Do you know any journalists or social media influencers? Are there any high-profile events or charity initiatives you could participate in? Publicity is an excellent way to get your business in front of the right people at the right time.

If you try one or two of these strategies and they don’t work out, adjust your approach or try another strategy. Remember, in order to buy from you, people first need to know you exist.

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