Innovation isn’t just about radical ideas; it’s about unlocking new experiences that transform our daily business and personal lives for the better. Meaningful innovations go beyond the technical and provide a platform upon which our everyday lives become richer and more versatile — opening us up to greater possibilities than ever before.

To see how these possibilities will come about, Samsung hosted a Galaxy Unpacked livestream event on August 10. The hour-long Galaxy Unpacked event unveiled Samsung’s latest ecosystem of mobile devices — including two new foldable phones — as well as discussing how the company is pushing boundaries, defying conventions and opening doors to new experiences.

Watch the full replay of Galaxy Unpacked above, and read on for highlights of the event, including the all-new Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Unpacked livestream highlights

Kim Swanson in Unpacked

Rapid market growth of foldables (1:03:25)

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business, opened the event by tracing Samsung’s foldable journey from more than a decade ago to the innovation now seen in the fourth generation of Galaxy foldables. “Last year alone, almost 10 million people opened a foldable,” Roh said. “Market growth has tripled. Just three years ago, this category did not even exist. Now, we are leading it into the mainstream.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Galaxy Z Flip4: A cover screen that informs instead of distracting (1:10:10)

Dillon Hesse from Samsung’s MX marketing team introduced Galaxy Z Flip4 and its customizable cover screen, which is bringing etiquette back to daily interactions, whether meetups or meetings. “The act of closing your Flip sends a message to those around you that you’re ready to fully engage in conversation,” Hesse said. “But when you need to, you can discretely check notifications on your Flip’s cover screen, without interrupting the moment.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Battery to chat (1:13:40)

After a rundown of Galaxy Z Flip4’s durable design and engineering, Hesse noted that the device also has improved battery life, making it ideal for work and staying connected. “We use our smartphones every day in so many ways,” Hesse said. “Like for video calling — Google Meet takes that experience up a notch. Built right into your device, you can now easily schedule calls straight from the calendar.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Listen up and zero in (1:17:37)

Hesse also introduced Galaxy Buds2, noting how they help him zero in on work and switch gears seamlessly. “What’s really convenient is if I need to chat with someone, my Buds2 Pro can recognize when I start talking and adjust their sound automatically,” said Hesse, “so I can get a quick response and then dive right back into my work, all without taking out my Buds.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Privacy matters (1:25:40)

Kim Swanson, a senior director for product marketing and sales, brought into focus the importance of privacy and security across devices, highlighted by the new Privacy Dashboard. “With Privacy Dashboard, you have the power to manage your own privacy settings and choose what apps get access to your location, camera and microphone,” Swanson said. “It’s all in one convenient place, and it puts the control back into your hands.”

She added: “Privacy is closing the curtains. Security is having a well-structured home. Across your Galaxy ecosystem, we’re making sure that you get both.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Galaxy for the Planet (1:28:10)

Swanson spoke to Samsung’s Galaxy for the Planet initiative, focused on sustainability, before handing the floor over to Pranveer Singh Rathore from Samsung’s Advanced CMF Lab. Rathore gave an in-depth look at Samsung’s impactful use of recycled materials, like discarded fishing nets for device components. Meanwhile, 100 percent recycled packaging is “the same as saving about 51,000 trees by the end of this year,” Rathore said, with a 58 percent percent reduction in overall packaging, equating to “about 10,000 tons of carbon emissions from transportation this year alone.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Z Fold4: The main event (1:31:30)

In a prelude to the biggest release of this Unpacked in Z Fold4, Roh reiterated that Samsung is making foldables mainstream. “With every new foldable, we are innovating without compromise,” Roh said. “Every gram, every millimeter, requires an engineering breakthrough … [Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4] raise the bar for productivity so you can work and collaborate seamlessly on the go.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

The evolution of foldables (1:33:40)

Roh explained that with Galaxy Z Fold4, Samsung has advanced foldable phone design with a particular focus on the hinge and display. “We engineer innovations that matter to the people who use them — innovations that enable and enrich your daily lives, to move the mobile industry forward and to reimagine what a phone can be,” he said. “Our mission is to make technology accessible to all … The fourth generation of Galaxy foldables unfold the mobile experiences greater than the world has ever seen.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

A more satisfying mobile experience (1:37:32)

Nicholas Porter, of product marketing and sales, noted that Galaxy Z Fold4 provides a tablet-like immersive experience and enhanced multitasking — enabling users to work productively from their phone like never before. “It’s an incredible piece of technology that will change your entire smartphone experience,” he said. “You can personalize it for your needs, helping you be more productive and collaborative with others… With a slimmer hinge, its design feels more balanced. And thinner bezels make way for a wider cover display without increasing overall width. When unfolded, that wider area and those slimmer bezels provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience on the main display.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Get things done faster (1:39:17)

Camille Bernal, an integrated marketing leader at Samsung, explained how Galaxy Z Fold4 increases productivity, with features like the new Taskbar and the optional S Pen. “If you’re like me, you’re a multitasker,” she said. “And us multitaskers have a lot on our plates. To get everything done efficiently, we need something great, something to help you stay organized and on top of everything. That’s where the Galaxy Z Fold4 comes in. Over the course of a day, I’m going back and forth between my email, my work documents, my group chats, social media and more. Taskbar on Galaxy Z Fold4 helps me move smoothly between different apps, taking my multitasking experiences to another level. I have my most-used apps pinned on the bottom of my home screen. These, as well as my most recently used apps, automatically sync with the Taskbar, so I can easily switch between them.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

PC-like power in your pocket (1:44:28)

Porter explained how Galaxy Z Fold4’s versatility and power lets you work smarter all day and then unwind with games and video on the same device. “The Galaxy Z Fold4 is like having a console for gaming, a PC for work and an immersive portal into your favorite apps and experiences — all packed into one powerful and flexible device,” he said. “With this performance and beyond, we’re committed to bringing you open and unrestricted access to the latest technological advances. To do that, we’ve always forged deep relationships with key partners, like Google, and we’ve continued to push the industry forward. Together, we developed enhanced experiences that take full advantage of the unique flexibility that our foldables offer, from web browsing on Chrome to video chatting on Meet.”

Galaxy Unpacked February 2022 — Full replay and key moments

Reimagine what technology can do for you (1:15:16)

Porter said Galaxy Z Fold4 works with the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the Galaxy Watch5 to unlock new possibilities: “From our latest smartwatches to our foldables and beyond, we’re very excited for you to experience all the new devices we’re launching this year. Our Galaxy Z Fold4 encompasses some of our most powerful innovations ever and pushes the boundaries of our industry. Completely reimagining what technology can do for you.”

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