The Challenge

When the Las Vegas Raiders embarked on their move to the entertainment capital of the world, the franchise envisioned a groundbreaking stadium to usher in a new era. The state-of-the-art Allegiant Stadium, with a capacity of 65,000, boasts boundary-pushing engineering and technology and a sleek design.

Looking to transform the live fan experience and future-proof the venue, the Raiders turned to Samsung for its LED display technology and industry-leading expertise. The challenge was to deliver a complete display solution for the new build, ensuring a captivating and immersive live event for sports, concerts and corporate events. 

The Solution

"As we were building the stadium, we knew we wanted to deliver a fantastic, technologically advanced visual experience for our guests."

—Matt Pasco, Vice President of Information Technology for the Las Vegas Raiders

The Results

About Allegiant Stadium

Located adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and home to the Las Vegas Raiders, Allegiant Stadium is an award-winning global events destination. A state-of-the-art, multipurpose venue with a capacity of 65,000, Allegiant Stadium has hosted world-class music artists, with more legendary concerts to come. The fully enclosed stadium is also home to the UNLV Rebels football team and has hosted premier sporting events such as the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final, Pac-12 Championship Game, Las Vegas Bowl and WWE SummerSlam. Allegiant Stadium is committed to giving back to the community through numerous diversity, inclusion and community outreach initiatives. In addition, Allegiant Stadium is proud to be both LEED Gold certified and powered by 100% Nevada-sourced renewable energy, and is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices and programs.

The Challenge

Pushing boundaries to create a state-of-the-art stadium

When the Raiders made the decision to relocate its franchise to Las Vegas, Nevada, the team’s owner went all in on building a state-of-the-art stadium that set a new benchmark in design and the fan experience.

The 65,000-capacity Allegiant Stadium, situated at the south end of the famous Las Vegas Strip, is an engineering marvel with its sleek, steel and black glass structure and boundary-pushing features, including a translucent fully fixed roof and moveable field tray, which allows the natural grass surface to soak up the abundant sunshine.

Design nods to the team’s storied past playing at the Los Angeles Coliseum can be seen in the stadium’s unique peristyle end and giant nine-story torch, which is a tribute to long-time Raiders owner, Al Davis.

But with a new home comes a new future. The desire to future-proof the Raiders’ legacy in Vegas was of utmost importance. From the ground up, the team wanted next-generation LED display technology that would match the groundbreaking stadium design, take the fan experience to the next level, and make the venue as popular an entertainment destination as any of its neighbors on the Strip. The screens needed to have a minimalistic aesthetic to allow teams and performers to transform the stadium into a place that felt like their own, whether it was with the use of colors, backdrops or logos.

“As we were building the stadium, we knew we wanted to deliver a fantastic, technologically advanced visual experience for our guests,” said Matt Pasco, Vice President of Information Technology at the Las Vegas Raiders.

To achieve this, they needed a single, trustworthy partner leading the space in videoboard technology. The Raiders sought out Samsung as a display partner to deliver a complete stadium-wide solution with a network of LED video screens — big and small.

“Allegiant Stadium will be ready to wow football fans with an amazing line-up of Samsung’s show-stopping visual technology that exceeds expectations – even in the entertainment capital of the world,” said David Phelps, head of the display division at Samsung Electronics America.

The Solution

Raiders raise the stakes on stadium technology

Building a new stadium from scratch presents a huge advantage. Clean sheet design enables the latest technology to be built into the plans as a standout feature from the start rather than added and upgraded at a later date.

As a result, Samsung and the Raiders technology team worked to raise the stakes for Allegiant Stadium’s display technology. 

“We chose to partner with Samsung as we knew it is the industry leader in both television and LED videoboard technology,” explained Pasco. “With Samsung display technology we would be future-proofing the venue for years to come.”

The solution is a total of 2,553 displays throughout the venue, with 41 of those being LED digital videoboards. This also includes three stunning 4K HDR-capable videoboards that seamlessly integrate inside the bowl.

“Aesthetics was a really important factor at the stadium. The sleek Samsung boards blend really well into the building’s design,” Pasco said.

Two 122-foot-wide by 49-foot-high videoboards frame the now-iconic peristyle north end zone with views out to Las Vegas, while the largest LED videoboard at 255 feet by 49 feet is situated in the south end zone. Even with the stadium’s translucent roof welcoming in natural light, the vivid high-contrast and high-resolution LED panel technology means image quality remains crystal clear.

“Because Samsung has such a full portfolio of products, we have screens ranging from 27 inches in size to 27,000 square feet,” Pasco said. “We didn’t set out to have the biggest videoboards in pro sports, but we wanted to have the best quality, so we chose Samsung’s high-resolution HDR-capable screens. Having 4K technology would ensure the displays remain cutting-edge for years.”

On the exterior of Allegiant Stadium, the project pushed boundaries further by featuring a mesh display — a robust and vibrant exterior LED screen befitting of the Las Vegas landscape and the largest outdoor stadium marquee in professional football at 27,600 square feet.

“In Las Vegas, you have to have a really bright building, so we put the mesh videoboard on the outside that faces the strip. It allows us to market our corporate sponsors, as well as display information about upcoming events at the stadium,” explained Pasco.

Between the videoboards, ribbon boards, displays in the suites, concourses, bars, vomitories and the outside mesh display, there are 66,000 square feet of display technology throughout Allegiant Stadium.

“Fans are immediately immersed in a video experience when entering Allegiant Stadium. We have positioned our videoboards to get an amazing view from every seat in the house and ensure they don’t miss a thing,” Pasco said.

For the venue operators, this is particularly important. Designed as a multiuse building, Allegiant Stadium hosts a variety of events from pro football to collegiate games, concerts and corporate functions. The visual experience differs for each, but the delivery needs to be equally mind-blowing across all these events.

The displays throughout the venue can be easily tailored to each event using a display management system.

“Samsung screens enable great venue flexibility. With the flick of a switch, we can change from a football game to a concert, for example. We can program the displays in multiple different ways from signage, menu boards, televisions or corporate messaging,” Pasco highlighted.

The Technology

Outdoor LED

The high brightness and fast refresh rate of the Samsung XPR series delivers eye-catching viewing experiences. A fully customizable design meets any venue’s needs.

XHB Fascia

The XHB series delivers crisp, controlled images and immersive content that will delight every spectator. Increased energy efficiency enables sustainable operations.

The Results

Creating a world-class, immersive visual experience

Allegiant Stadium is a world-class, technologically advanced venue that has been realized through a synergy of vision, industry-leading expertise and the famous Raider mentality of “Commitment to Excellence.”

Working with Samsung, Matt Pasco and the Raiders organization have created a stadium that, now in its third full season with fans, has “performed incredibly well,” elevating the live event by offering an immersive and interactive visual experience from entry to exit. 

“Fans are immediately immersed in a video experience when entering Allegiant Stadium. We have positioned our videoboards to get an amazing view from every seat in the house.”
—Matt Pasco, Vice President of Information Technology for the Las Vegas Raiders

“Samsung LED display technology really enhances the experience for Raiders games, concerts and guests,” Pasco said. “Our corporate partners also enjoy seeing their logo in high resolution across the stadium.”

Allegiant Stadium has made its reputation as one of the most exciting destinations to visit on the sporting and music scene as well as the hottest new spot on the Las Vegas Strip (naturally, the stadium houses a nightclub).

In February 2024, Allegiant Stadium will have the prestigious honor of hosting the Professional Football Championship game where the stadium’s LED display technology will be on show for millions watching worldwide. And with thousands in attendance, Samsung’s solutions will help deliver a seamless, exciting and memorable live experience no couch can compete with.

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