Patients, doctors and employees at outpatient centers all need up-to-date and targeted information to provide the highest-quality care. With the rapid development of technology, that’s now more possible than ever. Using digital and interactive displays, modern outpatient centers have a great opportunity to elevate the patient, visitor and provider experience in a number of ways from the moment they step into the building. Samsung digital signage solutions are particularly adept at delivering these benefits — and with an impressive array of tools and capabilities.

Here’s how installing Samsung digital signage solutions can help deliver more informed, comfortable and personalized patient care, enhance your outpatient center, and benefit your hospital and staff.

Enhanced wayfinding

The ability to easily get from the front door to the treatment area can dramatically reduce the stress for someone who may be ill, struggling with mobility issues or facing difficult treatments, as well as for caretakers visiting or working in the facility. Navigating an outpatient facility can be especially confusing for first-time visitors, and too often, patients and caregivers must find their way through a maze of floors and corridors with minimal guidance.

Improve patient outcomes and facility resilience

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Placing digital signs and easy-to-navigate digital directories throughout the facility eases the patient journey by providing direction and clarity as they move through the facility. Interactive displays with touchscreen capabilities may also allow visitors to obtain custom directions to their appointment locations. This not only reduces frustration for patients, especially those who are running late, but also frees up hospital staff to focus on other critical tasks, as they don’t need to spend time giving directions and guiding people to the right area or floor. Digital door signs further streamline patient flow and enhance privacy by providing up-to-date room assignments and occupancy status.

Better brand visibility

Digital signs do more than just direct traffic; they enhance the visibility and impact of the brand story. As patients move through various parts of the health center, they encounter cohesive messaging about the facility’s mission and values along with the wayfinding.

The HCU7030 Series 43″ Crystal Hospital TV not only greatly expands the tools for projecting the brand mission and vision — via graphics, video, testimonials and other options — it displays them with top-of-the-line resolution and color.

Real-time updates

Digital signs in waiting areas provide patients with timely, relevant information while they await treatment, making sure they know exactly what’s going on and when, as well as where they are in the process. These displays can also offer reassuring messages that let patients know they’re in the hands of skilled and compassionate medical professionals. In between messaging, soothing digital artwork, such as serene landscapes, can help patients relax and even reduce perceived wait times.

In the consultation or treatment room, Samsung digital whiteboards, integrated with the patient’s electronic health record, can provide essential updates on medication, care plans and post-operative instructions. This direct integration ensures that the information is always accurate and current, keeping patients informed of any changes and eliminating the need for manual updates.

Streamlined workflows, better collaboration

With digital displays, every workstation can become a hub that allows clinicians to share timely information with patients and each other, improving efficiency and patient engagement. For example, displays at nurses’ stations can keep everyone informed about scheduling and patient assignments, ensuring better coordination and communication. Furthermore, the deployment of digital signage across various points in the facility ensures that all staff members have easy access to updated and uniform information.

This collaboration extends to patients, too, especially as they near discharge. The outpatient facility can utilize digital signage to explain post-operative care, precautions they need to take and ways to speed recovery. Indeed, reviewing these could be a requirement for the patient to be released. The result is an efficient environment where healthcare providers can focus more on patient-centered care rather than administrative tasks.

Elevate experience and outcomes

Samsung digital signage solutions offer a powerful way to elevate the outpatient care experience, delivering crucial information fluidly when and where it’s most needed. From guiding patients through their healthcare journey with less stress to reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers. Samsung technology ensures a smoother, more responsive, patient-centric healthcare environment, which, in turn, can potentially boost scores on the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. More importantly, these solutions help keep your patients healthy enough to live life more fully once they check out.

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