All eyes will be on Paris this summer as fans watch Olympic athletes defy their own limits to reach new heights. That spirit also made it the perfect venue for Samsung to host its July 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event, which showcased the uncompromising power and performance of its latest foldable devices and wearables.

You can watch the full replay of Galaxy Unpacked above, and read on for key takeaways and highlights from the event as they relate to business use cases, including the all-new Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Z Flip6 and Samsung’s ongoing advancements in Galaxy AI*.

The Galaxy AI ecosystem expands (4:35)

In his opening remarks, President and Head of MX Business Dr. TM Roh shared a vision for artificial intelligence (AI) based on cross-device intelligence to help people seamlessly achieve their goals wherever they are and whenever they want. Samsung is delivering on that by making Galaxy AI — a set of capabilities first introduced at January’s Galaxy Unpacked event — available on more than 200 million devices this year.

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“We believe that AI should empower people in their daily life, that technology should adapt to you, not the other way around,” he said, alluding to some of the uncertainty AI has created among businesses.

Roh explained that Samsung is taking a hybrid approach with Galaxy AI, combining on-device security and privacy with cloud-based creative AI features. This gives users more resources at their fingertips while maintaining their choice over what data to share.

“The most important part of AI is maximizing the life-enhancing benefits while minimizing misuse,” he said. “We are proactively collaborating with industry leaders to develop and deploy safe and inclusive AI technology so that no one is left out.”

Samsung Health (8:07)

Dr. Matthew Wiggins, Samsung’s Head of Digital Health Development, provided an example of how the Galaxy is transforming everyday wellness.

A new health index on Samsung Health can give users a personalized snapshot of their body’s readiness to take on the day by combining the health metrics of sleep, heart rate, and heart rate variability. Galaxy AI processes the information to provide tailored wellness tips throughout the day, guiding users toward their personal health goals, such as getting a better night’s sleep or achieving a healthy weight.

Galaxy Ring (10:36)

The innovations in Samsung Health are one way to regain control over your well-being and put it back in your hands, but Galaxy Ring will go even further and place it on your finger.

Built with strong titanium but designed to be lightweight and comfortable so it can be worn 24/7, Galaxy Ring includes three sensors to measure sleep activity, heart rate and more. And by continuously syncing with the Samsung Health app, it unlocks powerful personalized health insights. This all comes without a subscription, Wiggins added.

Supporting this level of uninterrupted monitoring is its powerful battery, which lasts up to seven days on a single charge. Galaxy Ring can also withstand varying temperatures, humidity levels and hundreds of charge cycles.

Galaxy Watch Ultra (12:55)

Wiggins also introduced Galaxy Watch Ultra, which runs WearOS 5 with Google and is an ideal wearable for adventure in different climates, temperatures, and altitudes.

Galaxy Watch Ultra builds on Samsung’s signature circle watch design while adding titanium cushion frames to increase durability. A three-nanometer application processor means the device is also three times faster than its predecessor and includes enhanced power management to last up to 100 hours in power-saving mode. Galaxy Watch Ultra marks Samsung’s first precision, dual-frequency GPS system, which uses two satellite signals to offer increased location accuracy.

For business professionals seeking a versatile everyday health companion, Samsung also introduced Galaxy Watch7, which Wiggins said can provide a profound understanding of biometrics and motivation by encouraging everyday wellness.

Galaxy Z Fold6 (20:13)

Samsung is not only bringing Galaxy AI to its newest and latest wearables but also its most powerful foldables yet.

This includes Galaxy Z Fold6, whose screen is not only wider and taller for more comfortable viewing but also made of materials chosen for greater durability and sustainability.

Samsung engineered a brand-new shear thickening fluid, for example, that adapts to different types of pressure and coated it onto the display’s protection layer. With this STF coating, Galaxy Z Fold6 maintains its durability while improving its flatness. Meanwhile, a new dual rail hinge gives the device the structure and strength on its folding edge to withstand the bumps of everyday life.

Circle to Search and Circle to Learn with Google (25:30)

As Samsung Brand and Channel Marketing Executive Annika Bizon explained, Circle to Search with Google has already changed the way Galaxy S24 users look up information by simply using their finger to draw around a word or object on the screen. Galaxy Z Fold6 takes Circle to Search with Google even further by offering instant full-screen translation, which could be particularly handy for a working professional who needs to study a document or menu while on a business trip.

Circle to Learn with Google offers a new frontier of innovation, where users can circle a problem — like a child’s math homework question, for instance — and receive step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

“It doesn’t just give them the answer. Instead, it gives a clear and simple route to learning,” Bizon said. “It’s designed to help people become independent problem solvers, and this kind of learning support is available on any device that supports Circle to Search.”

Google Gemini integration (29:06)

Special guests at Unpacked included Jenny Blackburn, SVP of Gemini User Experience at Google. She explained how Samsung and Google are working together to deeply integrate and optimize Google’s Gemini generative AI technology into devices like Galaxy Z Fold6.

This means that while watching a YouTube video, for instance, a business professional could ask a question, and Gemini can reply with answers taken directly from the clip. Soon, Gemini will be available as a side panel, which is ideally suited for a screen like Galaxy Z Fold6 that supports a multi-window viewing experience.

Composer and Note Assist (32:16)

Bizon said Samsung’s work with partners like Google contributes to its mission of offering AI as a multi-modal experience. This means you could type in questions, use the S Pen, point the camera, or use your voice to get answers.

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Instead of laboring over what to say in a thank-you note after a client meeting, for instance, Bizon showed how Composer with Galaxy AI allows Galaxy Z Fold6 users to draft an entire email with context-relevant details based on a simple prompt.

Another example is the integration of Voice Recorder into Samsung Notes. Bizon said this will allow business professionals to not only record a meeting but leverage Note Assist with Galaxy AI to transcribe and summarize it. The transcription can separate up to 10 individual speakers and automatically sync notes to the audio, so you can follow along while playing back the recording.

Sketch to Image (34:19)

A screen as large and wide as Galaxy Z Fold6 is ideal for creative expression, but not all of us are born artists. However, Bizon demonstrated how a rough sketch of an object like the Eiffel Tower could be rendered as a compelling full-color image using Sketch to Image with Galaxy AI. This also works with photos on your device, said Bizon, and it can be combined with Photo Assist with Galaxy AI to improve snapshots and recommend how you can reimagine images in different styles.

Galaxy Z Flip6 (39:52)

Samsung has also reimagined Galaxy Z Flip6 by introducing a 50-megapixel wide sensor and a suite of AI tools powered by the all-new ProVisual engine. This uses AI to detect objects, analyze lighting conditions and isolate delicate facial features. The ProVisual engine also optimizes details such as skin tones and even eyelashes.

Galaxy Z Flip6 also features a high-quality 10X zoom performance. The popular FlexCam has been further enhanced with Auto Zoom. This means you can enjoy a hands-free experience while Galaxy AI automatically finds the best scene for each shot and makes any necessary adjustments.

Samsung Smartphone Marketing Executive Stephanie Chosen also highlighted Galaxy Z Flip6’s Instant Slow-Mo feature, where the ProVisual Engine intelligently generates additional frames based on movement.

Galaxy Z Flip6 also comes with the most power-efficient processor on a Galaxy Z Flip yet and, for the first time, includes a vapor chamber, which optimizes performance and allows batteries to keep up with busy business professionals.

Live Translate and FlexCam (47:20)

Galaxy Z Flip Series has been known for its versatile FlexCam, which becomes even more powerful when used with Galaxy AI features such as Live Translate and Interpreter. Chosen said Live Translate will expand to 16 languages in July and 20 by the end of the year. It will also be supported on third-party messaging and calling apps, further optimizing two-way communication.

Galaxy Buds3 Pro (50:27)

Using features like Interpreter will only become easier thanks to the launch of Galaxy Buds3 Pro, which Samsung has enhanced by conducting extensive research into the diversity of shapes common to the human ear.

As Samsung Wearable Product Management Specialist Malika Chraibi explained, Galaxy Buds3 Pro can monitor the fit using the built-in mics to measure sound leakage and dynamically adjust the sound curve and active noise cancellation for the best audio.

Adaptive Noise Control, meanwhile, can reduce unwanted background noise. When sounds need to be heard, though, like an ambulance siren, they can be heightened by readjusting the balance and corresponding to your surroundings.

The personal knowledge graph (59:50)

We all expect AI to continuously improve, and Galaxy AI will be no different.

Bizon explained how Samsung is using AI algorithms to develop a personal knowledge graph for each user, learning from your usage over time to provide progressively tailored services. Each personal knowledge graph can integrate multiple data points, understanding their context to offer a more personalized experience. For example, if you have a low energy score, Galaxy AI will analyze your schedule and suggest taking a break from your morning spin class. This level of integration can be achieved through secure information analysis on the device.

In keeping with the security-first approach it pioneered with Knox, however, Samsung will ensure the Galaxy AI dashboard lets you control cloud processing, tailoring security settings to suit your preferences. You’ll be able to choose which feature to operate on device or opt for cloud-based services. This means your privacy remains in your control while you continue to enjoy all the benefits of Samsung’s ever-evolving Galaxy AI capabilities on Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Z Flip6, Galaxy Watch Ultra, Galaxy Ring and other devices.

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*Galaxy AI features by Samsung will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices.

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