Emergency workers at the Bedford, DFW Airport and Hurst fire departments in Texas have a powerful and potentially life-saving new diagnostic tool at their disposal.

Using Samsung’s PT60 tablet-based ultrasound technology, medics and firefighters can make critical patient care decisions in the “golden hour” – the important 60-minute window after a traumatic injury when effective medical treatment is most crucial.

Using the PT60 with mobile encryption and image management tools from Trice Imaging, the Texas medics send ultrasound images from the field to the hospital, giving medical teams faster diagnosis and treatment once the patient arrives.

“By transmitting images from the Samsung PT60 in the ambulance to specialists at the hospital in real time, we are able to make critical decisions that can save precious minutes and have a tangible impact on outcomes for trauma and cardiac patients,” said Dr. Roy Yamada, EMS Medical Director for the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Dr. Raj Gandhi, Trauma Medical Director at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, said the initiative, which remains in the test phase, has already shown itself to be an important opportunity to improve emergency services protocols that has the potential to save many lives.

Samsung’s advanced technology solutions help healthcare providers to improve the patient experience and quality of care. From portable ultrasound machines that help to provide greater diagnostic confidence, to portable CT and SPECT scanners and digital X-ray systems, healthcare professionals can touch each element of their practice with both science and purpose.



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