Here’s How Hotels are Optimizing Wireless Connectivity from the Conference Room to the Pool

A corporate meeting at a leading hotel chain is scheduled to begin in 10 minutes in a conference room. The hotel anticipates more than 25 attendees for the event. All guests are checked in and the luggage is unpacked.

Typically all attendees would gather in the designated room for this type of offsite meeting. But this one is different. As the presentation begins, only half of the attendees are in the room. Some attendees have decided to log on to their tablets and work from their rooms. Others prefer to use their smartphones to conference in from the hotel pool.

Today, hotels are expected to deliver this level of uninterrupted wireless connectively for their guests, regardless of location.

For hoteliers, it is critical to assess their property’s wireless infrastructure against anticipated future requirements to ensure they can meet these expectations. Samsung’s WEA403i 802.11ac secure and stable wireless connectivity makes it possible for hotel guests to conduct business remotely with access points delivering up to 40 percent greater process production rates those of other wireless network providers, according to an October 2014 Tolly Group Report.

In the 45 minutes from start to finish, the meeting was conducted without interruption with several presentations visible through screen sharing and video conferencing.

With a strong WLAN solution, the establishment was able to ensure optimal voice performance for up to 20 calls with simultaneous data traffic, while neutralizing background noise, with uninterrupted service to all clients on the network.

Communication for any scenario goes beyond basic email and web browsing to include a variety of applications such as VOIP, video conferencing, video streaming and much more.

In these types of real world cases, exceptional hospitality performance solutions can turn one-time meeting guests into repeat customers. With an influx of travelers seeking wireless accessibility at a superior speed, lodging facilities must be equipped with the tools to meet the demands of today’s smart, savvy guests – as this hotel did without interruption.