In a digital world where experiences are shared instantly on social media, fine art remains a distinctly analog passion. Digital art, referring to works created using digital tools for display on digital screens, continues to grow in popularity, but has faced several hurdles preventing wider acceptance, from digital rights management, to the lack of a consistent platform for delivery and presentation.

According to a New York Times report, the first digital art sale by an international auction house was held in New York in 2014 and raised just $90,600 in total. This reflects the price tag of just a few square inches of the highest valued paintings sold in the global art market, which Art Economics sized at nearly $66 billion annually.

Digital art platform provider Blackdove is seeking to change this with the introduction of its new digital canvas. “Blackdove’s mission is to raise awareness and appreciation of digital art and provide a platform that enhances the digital art experience for both artists and collectors,” said Marc Billings, CEO of Blackdove. The new digital canvas, created in collaboration with Samsung Business, integrates seamlessly with the Blackdove mobile app to provide an easy and intuitive way for businesses and consumers to present their own personal digital art galleries.

To build a digital art collection, users can simply download the Blackdove mobile app to browse, purchase and stream pieces from a growing catalog of more than 400 original works created by digital artists throughout the world. By pressing “play” on their mobile devices, users can transform their environment and enjoy a dynamic art experience featuring a rotating collection of selected works.

According to New York City gallerist Joseph Kraeutler, the solution will bring a new dimension of simplicity to presenting digital art. “Changing the art and refreshing the space in a house that is over 100 years old is quite a complicated process,” stated Kraeutler. “With the Blackdove Digital Canvas, I am able to change the entire feel of a room with the touch of a button.”

Ethan Smith, owner of New York restaurant Hecho en Dumbo, agreed, “I was never able to change the artwork or ambiance of my restaurant because it took too much time, money and resources. With the new digital canvas, I now have the freedom to change the environment in a matter of seconds to fit my clientele as the neighborhood and restaurant evolves. It provides us with a dynamic new tool to bring customers into the mindset we are creating here at Hecho.”

Customized to work seamlessly with the Blackdove motion art platform, the digital canvas is available in 48- and 55-inch Samsung HD commercial displays. Find out more at or register your support for Blackdove’s Kickstarter campaign.

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