The Grand Wayne Convention Center (GWCC) is one of the most popular meeting facilities in the Midwest. The 225,000 square-foot building hosts 220,000 guests each year for more than 300 events and 50 conventions, featuring stunning architecture, state-of-the-art meeting technology.

However, GWCC’s existing wireless network couldn’t keep up with conference-goers increased demand for wireless connectivity. At 30 or more devices, the network became sluggish and unusable, requiring manual setup of local access points just to support events.

Besides being unproductive, it also impacted customer satisfaction. “The majority of our biggest conventions are repeat customers, going back nearly 30 years,” says Rick Browning, technical director for GWCC. “With clients not being happy about our wireless limitations, we knew many of them wouldn’t come back unless we did something about it.”

Read the case study below to learn how the Grand Wayne Convention Center partnered with Samsung and the Applied Technology Group to overhaul its wireless network infrastructure to meet the space’s unique requirements and expectations for future growth.

Wireless Network Upgrade Powers Grand Wayne Convention Experience from Samsung Business USA