Maverik Convenience Stores Use Digital Signage Solutions to Connect With Shoppers [VIDEO]

Maverik Convenience Stores puts a premium on its unique brand experience at some 270 locations across more than 10 states, and it is now using digital signage solutions around its stores to engage shoppers and set it apart from its competitors.

The Salt Lake City, Utah, retailer has installed Samsung Smart Signage display panels around the stores to promote items and services using attention-grabbing motion graphics. Maverik’s marketing team is also using digital signage solutions to connect their customers with the Maverik brand and story.

Maverik and its solutions partner, RevelTV, have found clever ways to use screens around the stores, embedding them above a giant soda fountain station and using daylight-readable displays in windows facing out to motorists at the gas pumps to draw them inside. Smart controls allow operations to fine-tune display brightness to the ambient conditions of each store.

To see how Maverik is using digital signage to put its business on display, check out the following video with Ernie Harker, director of marketing for Maverik, or read the in-depth case study.

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