A leading not-for-profit health insurance provider has greatly enhanced its home health offerings for members with chronic diseases through the use of telehealth facilitated by Samsung Galaxy tablets and cloud-based disease management software from eCaring. The company is now capturing previously inaccessible in-home patient data with the help of tablet-equipped home health aides, and has realized annual savings of $3,000 per member. The company is also seeing marked improvements in patient care, including seven prevented hospitalizations per month, only two alerts generated per member per month, faster response to in-home issues and excellent customer satisfaction responses.

This case study highlights the potential for the improvement of already successful disease management programs through the incorporation of telehealth technology, including tablets, cloud-based applications and a highly secure architecture. It also covers the impact on providers and patients, as well as crucial implementation and logistical details.

Read the case study below to learn how this health insurer has evolved to leverage some of the most forward-thinking innovations in healthcare technology today.

Samsung and eCaring Home Care Solution Reduces Hospitalizations, Enhances Quality of Care from Samsung Business USA