Power loss protection is a critical aspect of ensuring data integrity, especially in servers or data centers. SSD power loss can cause data to be corrupted because data that enters the cache isn’t written to the SSD until it has been processed through the cache. Data that’s still in the cache when a power loss occurs may not end up being written to the SSD and, even if the system comes right back up, there will be a difference between what the server thinks has been written to disk and what’s actually there. This can cause a corruption of the data and a lengthy recovery process, which interrupts the normal flow of data.

The white paper looks at how Samsung enterprise-grade SSDs have added power loss protection technology to help protect against data corruption, and ensure that all the data sent from the CPU to the disk is recorded properly even if a power outage or glitch occurs.

Read the white paper below to learn more about power loss protection in SSDs.

Power Loss Protection: How SSDs are Protecting Data Integrity from Samsung Business USA