Windows 10 Brings the Business Tablet to a New Level

For years the “Galaxy” brand has been synonymous with Samsung’s Android smartphones and tablets — powerful, mobile tools that have fulfilled a range of business productivity needs. With the launch of our new 2-in-1 business tablet, the Galaxy TabPro S, we are expanding that definition by combining the innovation of Galaxy mobile devices with the productivity of Windows 10 Pro. The Galaxy TabPro S is a new business multitasking tool, a 2-in-1 device that not only delivers on mobility, but is engineered to unlock the enterprise-level productivity of Windows 10 Pro.

The Galaxy TabPro S was designed in response to a specific enterprise need. Customers in a range of industries have indicated a desire to broaden the capabilities of their mobile computing devices by bringing together the business tablet and the laptop into a single form factor that can mesh mobility with a full suite of business functionality. The link that marries the two is Windows 10 Pro, which allows business users to seamlessly transition between laptop and tablet modes.

What’s different with the addition of Windows 10 Pro? First, there are choices. The 2-in-1 business tablet makes available a wide array of Microsoft and third-party productivity apps. With the enormous network of Windows developers, it also provides easy access to a vast range of third-party and custom-built enterprise applications. Windows 10 Pro on the Galaxy TabPro S offers seamless multitasking, with easy navigation between multiple apps and windows, and the detachable keyboard is included for real productivity. For IT departments, Windows also means easier access to back-end corporate infrastructure and data.

Of special interest is the promise of interoperable mobility. Our new Samsung Flow solution, available from spring 2016, turns your Samsung Galaxy smartphone into a user authentication device to securely access your TabPro S 2-in-1. Users can also sync their data and automatically activate their smartphone’s hotspot. It’s another way that we have integrated Windows 10 productivity device into the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

Form Factor

The Galaxy TabPro S delivers all this in the innovative form factor that highly mobile professionals have come to expect from the Galaxy smartphone and tablet portfolio. It’s thin, light, easy on batteries — everything a laptop traditionally isn’t. At just a quarter of an inch thick, the device weighs in at 1.53 lbs. Charging via USB C, it runs for up to 10.5 hours and features the adaptive fast changing capabilities that users have enjoyed on their Galaxy smartphones. Even better, there is no power adapter brick to further weigh down your business road warriors. For a mobile workforce, the promise of a fast charge, long run time and no brick to carry around all combines to make a compelling case for switching out their old notebooks.

In another nod to the Galaxy heritage, we’ve chosen a 12-inch Super AMOLED screen for optimal viewing under virtually all conditions — the first such implementation of a Super AMOLED screen on a Windows 10 device. Bright colors, high resolution and multiple viewing angles all enhance productivity and the ability to showcase content on the screen. To further enhance productivity, a multi-port adapter (USB Type A and C, HDMI) as well as the Galaxy TabPro Pen are available for purchase separately.

Seamless Efficiency

Setting aside all the specifics — as impressive as they may be — it’s helpful to take a big-picture look at how the Galaxy TabPro S fits into the enterprise mobile computing and tablet space and expands upon existing mobile productivity opportunities. In the most basic sense, this device can simply do more for your business users. The integration of Windows 10 Pro takes multitasking on the go to a new level. Where tablets are fantastic for highly specific business uses outside the office, the 2-in-1 marries that functionality to the complete range of business applications for business road warriors who need to be productive on the go.

There are significant implications here for enterprise productivity and efficiency. When a mobile worker can transition easily from tablet to laptop, and also easily integrate with their smartphone through Samsung Flow, the ability to conduct business seamlessly from anywhere is greatly enhanced. With fewer devices to carry around, workers are free to turn their attention to the business at hand.

This device didn’t come out of nowhere. The Galaxy TabPro S is a natural evolution born of the experience gleaned by our engineering teams through multiple successful tablet and notebook products, as well as insights from our business customers. Each new round of customer feedback has helped shape the Galaxy TabPro S to be a 2-in-1 that goes to the very heart of enterprise mobility.

Learn more about the Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10 Pro, as well as Samsung’s full range of Galaxy tablets and accessories.