For those who may believe that all mobile devices are created equal, the latest in 2-in-1 laptop technologies may bring a welcome awakening. Where past tablets and even detachable laptop devices have sometimes left business users wanting more, the most recent iteration delivers a powerful punch in terms of both productivity and style.

As a case study, it’s worth taking a close look at the Galaxy TabPro S. As sleek and attractive as its outside may be, the inside of this detachable laptop tells an even more compelling story. Loaded with innovative technology — from a state-of-the-art display to a powerful processor and fast, convenient charging — this device is a game-changer on the 2-in-1 landscape. But the specs will tell the story best.

Exceptional Display

As the very first integration of a Super AMOLED display in a Windows 10 device, the Galaxy TabPro S will represent your business and your content in the best possible light. With significantly deeper contrast and richer colors than that of LCD screens, the experience of a Super AMOLED screen signals right away that something very new has arrived.

For work that calls for attention to the finer points, the Super AMOLED fills in the missing details, delivering a 100,000:1 contrast ratio with 4 million AMOLED pixels creating a best-in-class viewing experience. AMOLED screens are known for their exceptional contrast, as well as wide viewing angles that enhance flexibility and boost productivity, making it possible to work in a variety of settings and conditions — whether it’s an entire team collaborating around one device, or a mobile employee putting the finishing touches on a presentation while riding the subway.

Streamlined and Powerful

Intel’s Core m3 processor brings to the table all the robust functionality and reliability we’ve come to expect — as well as something more. A significant milestone, the m3 draws so little power that no fan is required for cooling. Based on Intel’s 14 nm Broadwell architecture, Core m3 operates at a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of only 4.5 W. This leads to some impressive results, including a remarkably streamlined device — the TabPro S is just 0.25 inches thick, weighing in at 1.53 pounds. A device that can run without a fan will not only boast a sleeker design, but will also run considerably more quietly than other models. For the mobile employee, this can be a particularly convenient and comfortable enhancement.

Convenient Connections

Sometimes productivity comes in subtle forms. How much time does the mobile worker spend trying to connect a cord to a USB jack, only to find the darned thing is upside down? In the grand scene of things, it’s a minor irritant, but try doing it several times a day. Managing multiple cables for data and power connections has long been another cumbersome requirement.

The Galaxy TabPro S answers this with one of the first implementations of the USB Type C (USB-C) connector. The first advantage is that the connecting cords are reversible, eliminating the probability of clumsy adjustments to get properly oriented. Up or down no longer factors in. Then there’s the matter of flexibility — USB-C combined with an optional multiport adaptor can accept HDMI, power, display and other functions. Here again, design gets a big boost, with multiple ports consolidated into a single location. Cameras, hard drives, phones and tablets can be readily attached to this 2-in-1. It has muscle, too — the single connector provides power and connectivity simultaneously.

Banish the Brick

Battery issues have long stymied mobile productivity in the 2-in-1 laptop. Devices charge down too quickly, bringing work to a halt, and mobile workers are forced to lug around heavy and awkward AC adapters. The Galaxy TabPro S leapfrogs all of this, with a 5,200 mAh battery that runs for 10.5 hours and can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. It charges via a mobile-style power connector, with no power brick needed!

As enterprise IT departments sit down to ponder their mobile investments, those battery stats alone will make a strong case for this versatile 2-in-1 laptop. While such devices may have struggled to find their place in the past, it’s clear that today’s powerful processor, convertible form factor, exceptionally vivid screen and flexible USB-C connector bring this mobile device to a new level for those seeking greater mobile productivity.

Learn more about the Galaxy TabPro S, or take a look at Samsung’s full range of Android tablets.

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