It should be no surprise to learn that the vast majority of consumers are now actively using their smartphones as shopping tools while inside brick-and-mortar stores. Although some retailers may view this development as a type of threat, this level of mobile connectedness is actually a fantastic selling opportunity.

How are shoppers utilizing their smartphones while in-store?

  • They’re searching for information about products and prices, including customer feedback and reviews.
  • They want to find relevant digital coupons and offers.
  • They are wondering if they can use their phone to make a mobile payment.

Retailers should encourage this behavior, and positively position themselves by taking the following steps:

  • Create a mobile-friendly website that provides easy, intuitive access to needed information.
  • Build a mobile app that engages and interacts with users by providing them with push notifications and digital coupons on their phones. Use gamification to award points for visits and purchases.
  • Train store staff to accept mobile payments. Shoppers with the latest Samsung smartphones can already pay digitally, even at non-near field communication (NFC) purchase terminals.
  • Consider installing proximity-based technology solutions. Use beacons to influence purchases and provide the exact information a shopper needs at the point of decision anywhere in the store.
  • Read up on the next round of potential technology enhancements, including augmented reality, predictive analytics and in-store shopper tracking opportunities, such as using in-store GPS and light field communication (LFC).

Retailers that proactively engage with customers via their smartphones can enjoy increased sales, more satisfied shoppers and a deeper understanding of consumer in-store behavior.

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