To understand Samsung Flow, it helps to first understand the current mobile landscape.

When it comes to mobile devices, Americans literally have their hands full. According to one recent study, 66 percent of us own at least two digital devices — smartphones, laptop computers, or tablets — and 36 percent own three. Globally, studies suggest that in 2016 some 25 percent of all mobile phone owners around the world will have more than one mobile device.

In most respects this is good news, as multiple devices boost mobile productivity, with different devices suited to performing different tasks. Phones offer communication and quick access to email and apps, while tablets offer optimal performance when viewing, editing and creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and reports. What’s been lacking for many is a means to seamlessly connect these devices.

Enter Samsung Flow, a feature that allows easy syncing of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book 12.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Secure PC Login With Galaxy Smartphone Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Flow helps two devices act as a coherent whole. This capability is bolstered by the integration of a quick and secure login procedure by which a user’s Samsung Galaxy smartphone can be used to almost effortlessly unlock their Galaxy Book 12. Through biometric authentication, users can have the convenience of a multidevice login with the assurance of security.

As we have all experienced, it can be inconvenient and time-consuming to log in multiple times to multiple devices throughout the course of a work day. By using a common login expressed via fingerprint sensor, efficiency is maximized. At the same time, a shared login procedure helps to further boost efficiency by ensuring that the second device will be running and ready whenever it’s needed.

Sync Notifications Between Your Galaxy Smartphone and Galaxy Book

For those times when you’re busy working on your 2-in-1 device, Flow will allow important notifications sent to your phone to appear on the 2-in-1. For those juggling multiple tasks, the ability to see notifications as soon as they come in, regardless of which device is in use, can offer a significant edge. At the same time, the ability to dismiss a notification and have it disappear from all devices at once spares users an additional task, freeing up time that could be better used elsewhere.

Easily Enable Your Mobile Hotspot

As mobile users’ expectations for connectivity have increased, the ability to gain on-the-go LTE access from a Wi-Fi-only device through access to a mobile hotspot has become a key feature. In one survey, 71 percent of consumers said they have used a dedicated hotspot device, smartphone hotspot or both to connect Wi-Fi devices to the Internet. It’s a handy capability, made easy by the functionality of Flow. Now when a Wi-Fi signal isn’t available, users can enable their mobile hotspot capability with a single click.

The utility of a mobile hotspot is self-explanatory: More LTE connectivity equals more productivity. In a device-sharing context, this premise is extended by the added factor of simplicity. The easier it is to activate the hotspot, the faster we can all get back to work.

For those who enjoy the benefits of carrying a Galaxy Book 12 and a Galaxy smartphone, and who may have wished for things to run just a little more seamlessly, Flow takes a big step forward. With the ability to securely authenticate login credentials, sync notifications and launch a hotspot, this powerful feature makes it possible to enhance productivity even more while at the same time delivering greater ease of use among multiple Samsung Galaxy devices.

Learn more about how Samsung Flow can integrate your devices to provide you with optimum mobile productivity.