Mobile devices and virtual collaboration applications are transforming the way that field service teams operate. Traditional training methods for service personnel have typically been to shadow more senior workers or arrange for costly training sessions for new hires. Diebold, a financial self-service and security corporation that services ATMs and physical security devices, sought a more modern approach using mobile devices from Samsung along with Librestream’s Onsight video collaboration software and Verizon 4G connectivity to improve ROI and reduce the training cycle.

Training Diebold’s new field technicians to become experts generally takes between six months to two years. Diebold new remote video collaboration solution not only enabled training to take place more effectively on the job, it also increased firstā€time fix rates and service resolution times and led to increased client satisfaction. Software that enables virtual collaboration between new field service personnel and experienced technicians has enabled Diebold’s field technicians to have fast access to experts no matter where they are, reducing training costs and delivering a high return on investment.

Read the case study below to learn more about how Samsung Galaxy smartphones and the Librestream Onsight video collaboration solution improved Diebold’s field efficiency and reduced service resolution times.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Librestream Enhance Field Service Efficiency at Diebold from Samsung Business USA