How Retailers Are Using High-End Display Technology to Attract High-End Customers

Digital solutions are changing the way retailers attract high-end customers to their brick-and-mortar locations. By utilizing larger-than-life, high-end display technology, retailers are hoping to encourage shoppers to remain in their stores for longer periods of time, while also inspiring them to make in-store purchases.

The value of smart digital signage for retailers is clear. In fact, the marketplace is expected to reach $20.03 billion by 2020, according to a 2014 study by Grand View Research. By using premium visuals to highlight the latest products and advertisements, retailers are able to entice shoppers and encourage spontaneous visits to their stores. New digital signage technology makes in-store content more dynamic, so retailers can deliver targeted messages based on the specific time of day, day of the week and in-store traffic levels, as well as during specific promotions.

Engaging With Customers on a Personal Level

Increasingly, retailers are using digital signage solutions to engage with shoppers on a personal level. By harnessing data made available by consumers’ smartphones, retailers can customize the in-store experience for each patron. By using proximity-based beacon technology, for example, retailers are able to display customer reviews or display targeted advertisements on screens around the store to drive purchase considerations. The beacon technology can work the opposite way, as well, by delivering push notifications to shoppers’ smartphones regarding current sales or promotions.

Promoting Your Brands Story

Although digital display technology does a great job at advertising specific products and driving purchase considerations, retailers must also focus on conveying their brands’ identities to consumers. To do this, some retailers have begun to use video wall technology to engage shoppers with larger-than-life visuals. The perfect medium for hero imagery, robust video walls make it easy to convey the brand’s identity to consumers and elicit an emotional response. For luxury retailers where the detail and design of their product is important, ultra-high definition (UHD) displays can present these elements in stunning clarity.

Understanding Your Customers Better

On the back end, digital signage displays integrated with cameras or other sensors have the ability to provide retailers with valuable analytics on what interests their consumers. Retailers can, for instance, monitor dwell time and basket size, and they can then track customer purchases of items that were displayed on these large-format screens. By integrating the digital signage with social media channels, smartphone beacons and other geo-location and geo-awareness functionalities, retailers can ensure the right messages reach the right shoppers at the ideal time.

Reaching Customers With Digital Signage

Savvy retailers are looking at high-end, robust display technology to differentiate themselves in an increasingly customer-centric retail market, especially when it comes to drawing the high-end customer into the store — and encouraging them to make educated purchase decisions. By using smart digital signage, UHD displays and video wall technology, retailers are able to attract shoppers and translate their increasing loyalty into revenue.

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