Three Keys to Choosing the Right Video Wall Display

A big video wall display is a powerful tool for making a visual statement in any environment — from a flagship retail store to the lobby of a hospital. But making the right display technology choice isn’t easy in a hyper-competitive market.

For an effective and eye-catching video wall, there are three key criteria for selecting display technology. First, go as seamless as possible. The latest ultra-narrow bezel displays make the gaps and gridlines between tiled LCD panels all but disappear.

Second, make your content management easy. Many video wall solutions require costly and complicated video wall processors in order to develop spanning visuals across clusters of displays. But Samsung offers onboard video wall processing with its video wall products, enabling resolutions as high as Ultra HD, while also offering critical display controls.

Third, make setup and ongoing management easy. A major hidden cost with video walls is making sure all the displays, when tiled together, look the same. Samsung’s video wall solution comes color-calibrated out of the box, using an advanced color management chipset. That removes the time and cost of on-site color and backlight uniformity calibration when video walls are first plugged in, as well as down the road.

To learn more about the three criteria for selecting a video wall display and how it can help set your business apart from the competition, watch the video below.