Digital signage networks in bank branches offer many benefits, such as efficient message delivery, increased employee productivity and education and the ability to offset customer wait times. Although extensive testing supports these benefits, few banks have deployed this technology at their teller drive-thrus.

Advantages of Drive-Thru Digital Technology

Digital signage at the teller drive-thru represents an outstanding opportunity to communicate with customers, as some 60 to 65 percent of customer transactions occur here. This means that at banks with a teller drive-thru, the majority of transactions occur outside the branch. And many banks have extensive drive-thru networks; for example, Wells Fargo has 14,000 drive-up banking lanes across 4,000 locations.

With all of the positive attributes drive-thru digital signage can offer, why aren’t more banks adopting this technology? We believe that this lag in adoption isn’t due to concerns over the benefits of a digital signage network, but rather over concerns associated with the deployment of exterior digital signage in general.

Addressing Key Concerns

Exterior digital signage deployments traditionally raise worries over visibility, exposure to the elements and added service requirements — issues not faced when deploying digital signs inside a bank. Historically, exterior sign placement required that the displays be protected from vandalism and the elements inside an enclosure, which increased cost and complexity, and impacted visibility, among other things. But recent advancements in screen technology have led to the introduction of outdoor-rated displays that don’t require an enclosure. These outdoor-ready (weather- and vandal-resistant) displays have outstanding brightness, improved contrast and visibility and embedded media players. Collectively, these new exterior-ready screens eliminate many of the traditional concerns associated with an outdoor signage deployment.

Despite the growing popularity of online banking, consumers continue to visit their bank teller drive-thrus in large numbers. Thanks to exterior-ready digital signs, the ability to display dynamic messages at this critical location has become a viable option for banks looking to enhance their customers’ experience.

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