For most professionals, mobility means more than just being able to call into the office or check email remotely. Mobility is the ability to get work done on the go, and that means having assured connectivity — the kind a mobile hotspot can deliver.

According to the Pew Research Center, some three-quarters of Americans use a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to access the internet. Of these, 87 percent go online daily and 27 percent are online “almost constantly.” Mobile users want internet access, but unfortunately it isn’t always readily available, especially when the work at hand calls for the larger form factor of a tablet, laptop or hybrid device.

A Smartphone Tether Offers High-Speed Connectivity

For many mobile professionals, a larger device remains a business necessity. The screen real estate of a tablet, laptop or a 2-in-1 like the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S can fill a vital role for those seeking to deliver visual presentations to clients, or create and edit complex business documents. When it comes to getting online with your tablet or laptop when away from the office, however, productivity stutters. The obvious mechanism, a Wi-Fi connection, isn’t always readily available, and it can take a lot of time and effort to find a free public hotspot in between meetings.

Smartphone tethering is a convenient solution. A smartphone tether offers a cost-effective alternative and can be accessed in several ways. Software-driven USB links can open up a phone’s 3G or 4G connection to a tablet or laptop. Small, dedicated tethering devices can also do this, but these solutions have their limitations — when tethering requires more wires, raises new battery concerns and even requires additional devices, this “convenient” productivity fix becomes significantly less convenient.

A better solution can be found in a smartphone’s built-in tethering capabilities. If the carrier’s plan allows for it — most do, although prices vary — users can share connectivity by altering a few settings, although they may have to navigate multiple levels in order to access the tether on their phones, and then go through further configurations on their tablets or hybrids.

This is where the functionality of Samsung Flow breaks new ground. With a simple one-click procedure, Flow fires up Wi-Fi between your Galaxy TabPro S 2-in-1 and Galaxy smartphone. The speed and convenience of this approach to tethering is ideal in situations when time is of the essence, such as needing to access and send a document from your 2-in-1 before boarding a flight or entering an offsite meeting. Samsung Flow also enables seamless transfer of workflow processes between devices.

Enhancing Productivity and Continuity

In a survey by Smith Micro Software, 71 percent of consumers said they’ve used a dedicated hotspot device, smartphone hotspot or both to connect Wi-Fi devices to the internet.

This isn’t surprising, as at least 66 percent of us own at least two digital devices — a smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, or tablet. That means there are a lot of devices out there in need of high speed, and a lot of mobile professionals who need to be able to work on multiple devices to increase their productivity.

The smartphone hotspot is an elegant solution, as it’s already in hand (or pocket) and can relay an existing 4G connection to a larger device to deliver fast, reliable bandwidth. Carriers will count that data usage against the phone’s plan, but for many business users with high-consumption plans, this will be only a slight consideration.

Bandwidth is just one “shareable” aspect of today’s more sophisticated devices. In syncing up a Galaxy smartphone with a TabPro S, Flow also enables the seamless transition of workflow to enable the rapid resolution of urgent tasks. Similarly with the login process: Biometric authentication gives users convenient, secure access to multiple devices by relying on their fingerprints to enable access.

Productivity and continuity often go hand in hand. Mobile professionals need the ability to shift work seamlessly from one device to another. They also need the assurance of a readily available internet connection, regardless of what device they’re using. In a world where Wi-Fi isn’t always at hand, the quick and easy mobile hotspot accessed through Samsung Flow can be a useful advantage.

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