Recently, Frost & Sullivan partnered with Samsung for a comprehensive survey on the impact of mobile devices on work efficiency. The survey of 500 participants centered around smartphone owners in the U.S. who use their devices for productivity-related applications. While we expected to see large numbers of U.S. workers using smartphones for business, we were surprised by just how much they’re using them and, more importantly, the degree of value they’re seeing as a result of their mobile productivity.

As a whole, respondents reported seeing an average gain of almost an hour of productive work time as a result of their smartphone usage. That’s a lot, but it’s not even the whole story: Respondents also reported an average efficiency gain of 34 percent — yes, more than a third of their workday — from incorporating the devices into their work lives.

To learn more about how mobile productivity increases efficiency in the workplace, download the full study or check out the highlights in the infographic below.

Smartphone Users Gain 34 Percent Efficiency at Work from Samsung Business USA