For small to midsized businesses, competition is tough, and in order to survive, they must be flexible and willing to adapt to changing technology. By adopting a mobile-first attitude, businesses can offer greater customer service and improve efficiency. One area of retail where mobility is especially critical is payment processing. Samsung and Total Merchant Services have partnered to offer a new mobile-first POS solution that promises unparalleled flexibility and ease-of-use.

The new Groovv POS Flex, announced at National Retail Federation’s BIG Show, is a lightweight solution that takes all the hassle out of setting up a new POS in your shop, cafe or restaurant. Groovv POS Flex can be set up within minutes of taking it out of the box, and includes a Samsung Galaxy tablet that works with an EMV-compliant and NFC-enabled payment processing unit, allowing retailers to accept different payment methods, including chip and pin, Samsung Pay and other mobile payment solutions.

Process Payments Immediately

Timing is everything in retail. By being able to offer customers the option of paying for their purchases immediately, businesses can increase their turnover and enhance the overall customer experience. With the Groovv POS Flex, the tablet and processing unit are both detachable from the foldable swivel stand, allowing staff to process payments from anywhere in the store. For extra functionality, associates can also wirelessly connect a cash drawer, receipt printer, kitchen printer or barcode scanner to the system.

“Samsung is committed to delivering solutions with market-leading partners, like Total Merchant Services, that enable businesses of all sizes to meet the demands of a fast-changing, mobile-first retail space,” said Ted Brodheim, vice president of Vertical Business at Samsung Electronics America. “The solution we’ve created with Groovv POS Flex gives our SMB customers an innovative, customized mobile and payment processing ready system that fits seamlessly into their business.”

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Gain Valuable Inventory Insights

Of course, in order to succeed, stores need the hardware not only to allow customers to pay from anywhere, but also to keep on top of sales, track trends and know when to promote one item over another. The mobile-first solution from Samsung and Total Merchant Services comes bundled with a suite of software that’s easy to use and offers powerful insights into how each part of your business is working. It allows stores to cut prices in departments where items aren’t selling, while doubling down on promotions for the areas doing well. And with an integrated loyalty card system, the Groovv POS Flex system can even allow business owners to push promotions to customers they know are in the store or restaurant at the time, significantly increasing their chances of boosting sales.

Mobility is changing the retail industry, but with innovative solutions like the Groovv POS Flex, small and midsized businesses can offer their customers an enhanced omnichannel experience and stay ahead of their competition.

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