Today’s financial service industry professionals (FSIPs) have transformed into mobile workers who rely heavily on mobile devices to increase productivity. But FSIPs who frequently meet with clients, prospects and counterparties can attest to the physical and mental cumbrousness that entails having to carry and sync separate computing devices to perform multiple tasks throughout the day.

A 2-in-1 device can ease this strain and significantly improve productivity and efficiency. FSIPs can seamlessly shift between different tasks and roles quickly and efficiently. These hybrids combine the power of a laptop computer with the mobility of a tablet in one versatile device, enhancing the ability to do productivity work as well as access important information on the go and cross-sell products when meeting clients.

The evolution from desktop and laptop PCs to tablets and smartphones has allowed new mobile workflows to emerge in many industries, but FSIPs found the lack of a keyboard prohibitive for some productivity tasks. Modern 2-in-1 devices hit the market just a few years ago and have steadily improved in both design and performance. Hybrid or detachable devices are known to increase productivity and provide flexibility, which is the driving force behind their rising market share in the personal computing device (PCD) market. International Data Corp (IDC) forecasts the hybrid/detachable tablets to grow in market share from 4.9 percent in 2016 to 13.4 percent by 2021.

Enhancing Cross-selling

Banks are shifting away from a sales-centric to customer-centric model focused on galvanizing trust with customers. Building personal relationships with customers by providing solutions, rather than products, is the main distinction.

According to, customer trust is a tangible currency when it comes to cross-selling strategies. Customers who trust that their banks look out for their financial well-being tend to buy 25 percent more products than those who don’t. One-on-one time with clients and prospects goes a long way toward strengthening personal relationships. Having a powerful device that can optimize these engagements is critical.

Meet the Mobility Needs of Your Workforce

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The mobility of a 2-in-1 device allows for FSIPs to transport the resources of the office workstation to wherever clients wish to meet, creating a more comfortable, personalized setting. They enhance high-touch interactions with clients by facilitating feedback and input through the 2-in-1 device. Enabling information gathering from the customer bolsters the capacity to provide the most suitable personalized solutions for the customer, which underscores the customer-centric focus of today’s FSIP.

Meeting Specific Hardware and Productivity Needs for FSIPs

One of the main draws to 2-in-1 devices is directly related to the integrated hardware. FSIPs need vibrant high-resolution displays (10- to 12-in) with HDR support for presentations, charts, performance models and streaming videos. To avoid bottlenecks and lag between applications, fast CPUs and adequate RAM is a necessity.

Speed kills and having a fast processors will naturally impact performance, especially as applications continue to advance in complexity (i.e. artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality). High-definition front and rear cameras are essential for seamless Skype video conference sessions, as well as recording live presentations and client meetings. Hybrids will continue to get slimmer and lighter (under 2 lbs.) while packing more power, making business travel less cumbrous for FSIPs.

Conference calls are a constant in the lives of FSI professionals. Let’s face it, not everyone has perfect handwriting, especially when taking notes on the fly. Having a device that can transcribe your notes into (legible) text or audio and seamlessly store, sync and share is a boon to productivity. Additionally, FSIPs that may have to listen to streaming or pre-recorded conference calls through a mobile device while being able to take notes on that same device in real time is a powerful function of 2-in-1s. Having a responsive, natural feeling stylus to take handwritten notes is essential.

The Revolution of Convenience

Rather than a being a peripheral device, the modern hybrids have the performance capabilities to function as the core workstation. These machines can offer more computing power than most legacy desktop systems seen in the finance service industry.

The versatility of being able to shapeshift between device modes allows for the seamless integration of what normally were separate tasks — like going from a laptop PowerPoint presentation to having a client sign off on digital documents. The power and portability of the latest 2-in-1 device offerings are steadily pushing them into the status quo realm for today’s FSI mobile workers determined to increase productivity.

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