Customer Need

The Solution

Readmission rate for Ascension at Home telemonitoring patients is 8 percent, compared to 24 percent nationally.

The Results

The Customer Need

Connecting Roving Workers and Dispersed Patients

“With telemonitoring, we can spot the negative trend in a couple days, rather than waiting until the next nurse visit.”

Nathan Agen, Ascension at Home’s director of clinical services

The Solution:

Providing Collaborative Care

This enables Ascension at Home to provide better care to more patients, without taxing the field staff. “Ascension has around 120 telemonitoring patients at any given time, and they’re spread across the state,” says Dr. Jeffrey Beeson, emergency medicine physician and senior vice president of Evolution Health. “They can’t possibly have nurses in all those locations around the clock. But MCC can do virtual patient visits to answer questions and address concerns. And using the data, we can help Ascension identify and prevent patient decompensation.”

For example, patients with congestive heart failure who gain two or more pounds per day might be retaining fluid. “With telemonitoring, we can spot the negative trend in a couple days, rather than waiting until the next nurse visit, when the patient has gained 15 pounds and can’t breathe.”

Ascension at Home has also enhanced its ongoing disease management education by matching up weekly nurse teaching modules with relevant content from Vivify’s video library. “Home health is that short-term gap to get patients stabilized in their own homes,” says Agen. “A big part of our job is education and encouraging the patient to be engaged in their disease process.”

Ascension at Home has grown its patient population by about 300 people over the past year and has opened up new lines of business.

The Technology:

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The Result:

Boosting Productivity and the Bottom Line

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