Samsung 960 seriesPCIe/NVMe SSDs incorporate V-NAND technology to enable speeds much faster than standard SATA SSDs. According to Wallace Santos, CEO of Maingear Computers, “At Maingear, we build some of the world’s best gaming PCs. Your high-end processor and your high-end GPU is nothing without a really fast SSD. That’s where Samsung NVMe SSDs come in.” Among Santos’ reasons for recommending the Samsung 960 series SSDs are their two-terabyte capacity, V-NAND technology and their five-year warranty. NVMe PCIe SSDs are 4.5 times faster than SATA SSDs, with the 960 Pro having a sequential read performance 3,200 MB/s and a random read performance of 380,000 MB/s. As Santos states, the Samsung 960 series SSDs are “the best and the fastest SSDs you can buy today.”

To learn more about why Maingear Computers recommends Samsung’s 960 series of SSDs to gamers, watch the video below.