With so many workers combining personal and work information on a single device, remote mobile device management has never been more important. When devices are lost or stolen, administrators need a quick and easy way to wipe their content remotely, both in order to safeguard personal privacy and to ensure that enterprise data is not compromised.

With a Samsung device, it’s easy to complete this process. The administrator begins by opening the administrative console and choosing a device. They then go to “Action” and select “Wipe Device.” As a safeguard, the system will prompt confirmation. Hit “Yes,” and that device is wiped. Alternately, you can just as easily choose to wipe only the work content from the device by selecting “Remove Container” under “Action.”

Today, a lot of personal and company information lives on an employee’s mobile device. It’s essential for administrators to have a fast and secure system to wipe a potentially compromised phone. With remote mobile device management, content can be removed without a trace, thus helping to prevent data leaks before they can occur.

Watch this episode of SBTV for a step-by-step run-through of how to remotely wipe your corporate device.

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