A recent Total Economic Impact study undertaken by Forrester Consulting found that the use of Samsung Knox Customization services enables organizations to take existing MDM investments one step further.

Through the use of an MDM solution in isolation, the process of setting up and controlling devices is complicated, requiring the device to be connected to the network carrier, often through a Wi-Fi connection, and then having an administrator walk the user through an involved setup procedure.

Forrester conducted a three-year, risk-adjusted analysis of how organizations can benefit from using Knox Customization services to streamline device management. It showed that the benefits of using Knox Customization far outweigh the costs. The benefits amounted to an average of $56,000, including $41,000 for streamlined customization, configuration and deployment and $15,000 for expedited re-enrollment for wiped devices. This compares to costs of $21,000. As a result, organizations can achieve a total ROI of 164 percent and see a payback time of just two months.

MDM solutions provide many benefits for organizations but can be greatly enhanced through the use of Knox Customization.

Read the infographic to see how Samsung Knox can provide extra cost savings for your organization.