Do you ask yourself the following questions? “Why do they make the font so small?” “I just read the address, why can’t I remember it?”

While I cannot answer those questions, I can tell you that the Galaxy Note8‘s Magnify and Glance features will help alleviate some stress.

The Magnify Air Command, enabled with your S Pen, enlarges highlighted sections of your display by up to 300 percent. Simply open a document, select the Magnify Air Command, choose the magnification and hover over the text or image you need magnified.

Viewing small font or hard-to-see details just got easier.

Glance, another Air Command featured on the Note8, acts as a quick reference tool. For example, if you can’t remember where your next meeting is, open your calendar and select the Glance Air Command. Your calendar will be minimized on your home screen while you open up the Maps app. Simply hover over the minimized calendar and it will pop up long enough to refresh your memory.

These simple, yet helpful features may not answer the real questions, but they just might make your day a little easier.

Check out this episode of SBTV to see the Magnify and Glance features in action.