Separating work and life can be challenging for many of us. So what happens when it comes to separating personal and professional data on a mobile device?

Samsung’s director of product marketing, Jon Wong has a solution to this ever-growing concern within the workplace.

“People are constantly going between their busy lives and busy jobs,” Wong said during an exclusive Q&A. “They don’t want to have to manage multiple devices.”

To help ease those concerns, Samsung offers two solutions: Secure Folder, which helps to separate personal apps and data on your device, and Knox Workspace to keep work data private. Both options provide encrypted, guarded access to all types of information.

When it comes to setting up a workflow, “it’s all about setting boundaries,” says Tracey Eduoard, social media producer at Mashable. “Make sure you have some type of boundaries so work is work, and life is life.”

See more about Secure Folder and Knox Workspace from Wong and Eduoard in the video above.