Tech wearables: They’re not just for fitness anymore. Take a look around and you’ll see wearable technology just about everywhere, solving a range of business challenges. Samsung wearables, including the Gear S3 offer a great hands-free communication tool and with dedicated EMM right out of the box, it’s easy to manage an entire fleet of devices.

Healthcare is one industry with a healthy dose of wearables. Doctors and nurses can receive emergency patient updates, reminders about appointment or even when to administer patient medication. Patients themselves can close the loop using their wearables to connect more easily with medical personnel during an emergency.

Lone workers such as in-home aides, infrastructure technicians and real estate agents are also adopting wearables as a safety precaution when they are on the job alone. The wearable helps provide two-way communication and can track worker’s location via GPS.

Whatever the business challenge, chances are there’s a wearable solution.

Watch this episode of SBTV and get a sense of how wearables and EMM solutions can streamline productivity.

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