At this week’s Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Ricky Yung Choi, global medical director at Samsung — along with Samsung software engineer Narendra Bidari and Samsung SVP Yong Jin Lee — discussed partnership opportunities with Samsung Health. The app is growing to include engaging new services in fitness and clinical care as a way of leveraging wellness strategy. This brings partners a unique opportunity to expand their offering and showcase their services and devices to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

“We have a really lofty goal — we want to make 1 billion people healthier, and actually it’s not as hard as it sounds,” said Choi. “There are over a billion Samsung devices already out there, and when we think about the portfolio of Samsung devices, with so many ways to communicate as well as improve the health conditions around people, I think it becomes really obvious.” This translates into Samsung Health’s vision: empowering individuals and transforming healthcare.

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Choi added that with around 60 million users in the U.S., Samsung Health offers partners a strong value proposition, which includes serving as a distribution channel for their products and services: “To be able to get in front of the eyes of so many people is part of our value as a partner.”

Extending Healthcare As a Service

To fulfill its mission of helping people make healthier choices while virtualizing healthcare through its new telehealth capabilities, Samsung Health has collaborated with a growing ecosystem of partners in both devices and health services. Partners and customers reap a wide range of benefits from collaborating with Samsung Health, including:

  • Customers can “Ask an Expert” health provider for medical advice on their mobile phone via video consultation.

  • Users can participate in global challenges, such as the Monthly Steps Challenge where they compete with 100,000 other users.

  • Partners can promote their products and services using a home banner, push notifications through Bixby Home.

“The pain point for many of our users is being able to get there, to make that appointment, to have to interrupt their lives to see a specialist,” explained Choi. “We can shortcut that, so we’re looking to our partners to help us build out what this can be.”

Getting Technical

Bidari discussed technical options offered by the service platform, which include Samsung Health on Android, the Health Push Server and the Program Store Server. For program content, partners can specify details with Samsung Health’s program specs and offer registration on the Program Store Server.

Users can scan for and find a number of registered accessories, thanks to wide compatibility with device connection. The Samsung Health ecosystem includes Android apps, BLE devices, web services and other mobile platform apps.

Lee discussed Samsung’s selection by FDA for a pre-certification pilot, as one of nine companies selected from 100 applicants. FDA offers fast-track review for pre-certified companies, which benefits the company’s partners. Additionally, Samsung Health’s monthly usage shows the power of big data, with heart rate and stress commanding the most eyeballs — over 10 million users of HR data. The app also offers partners data validation through its research app.

“This isn’t something that Samsung can do alone, or even wants to do alone. We know there are partners out there with amazing technologies and fantastic ideas, and we want to work together with you,” concluded Choi.

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