How would you feel if you didn’t have to remember all those long, complicated passwords for your work and personal accounts ever again?

Recently I sat down with Eric McCarty, VP of mobile product marketing at Samsung, and Mona Patel, CEO and founder of Motivate Design. The conversation focused on the challenges of managing those pesky passwords and how biometric authentication can help.

“The biggest challenge with passwords is that people are constantly forgetting them,” said McCarty. “One of the neat things we’ve been working on is leveraging biometrics to become the password.” With Samsung’s latest phones, this can be done through facial recognition, fingerprint or iris scanning technology.

McCarty noted that biometrics like iris scanning address both the security requirements of IT department and the convenience expectations of the user.

Patel explained just how personal password concerns can get, sharing an anecdote from a recent study where a respondent stated that they would rather share their toothbrush than a password.

Learn how Samsung Pass is enabling both consumers and businesses to leverage biometrics to better secure devices and data.