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How 2-in-1 Devices Enhance Productivity for Today’s Real Estate Agent

Successful real estate agents know that selling houses is a juggling act. Between buyers and sellers, listings and lenders, there are a ton of moving parts — including the agents themselves, you are virtually always on the move.

Sometimes you’re updating listings, checking emails or processing paperwork. Other times you’re collaborating with clients on-site and in real time, showing them homes, sharing area maps and pictures, and aligning schedules.

As a tech-savvy realtor, how can you work most effectively when on the go? Well, you could buy a laptop for productivity and a tablet for mobile collaboration, but that’s a lot to carry and could be more complication than you need in your work day. Ideally, what you need is one device that can deliver the computing power of a laptop along with the mobility of a tablet.

Today, that means a 2-in-1. So let’s look at how a 2-in-1 like Samsung’s Galaxy Book can enhance your productivity — and help you with the juggling act that is the working day of a real estate agent.

Addressing Diverse Mobile Needs

As a real estate agent, you wear many hats throughout the course of the day. A 2-in-1 that offers the flexibility and freedom of a tablet with the productive functionality of a full-featured Windows laptop can enable success at each stage of the home buying and selling cycles.

Real estate is a sales job, first and foremost, and you need to spend time on the road showing homes to buyers and meeting with prospective sellers. The 2-in-1 shines here in tablet format: It’s the perfect form factor to collaborate with clients. You are looking for a mobile device with a large, high-quality display to show clients photos of the properties during an informal sitdown, or even a standing meeting.

Once you’ve made the sale, the paperwork begins. Here’s where laptop mode makes performing complex tasks and documentation easy. Filling out spreadsheets, emailing bankers and completing regulatory paperwork is simple with a device that offers a keyboard, ample computing power and Windows 10 Pro. All of these features combine to make it a business-class device and, with the generously-sized touch screen, you won’t miss any important details contained within financial and legal documents.

You may also act as your own marketing department, drawing up fliers, placing ads and constantly engaging with media. The 2-in-1 in laptop mode gives you the ability to plan out campaigns and type up advertising collateral, while tablet mode with the included S Pen makes it easy to design and markup marketing graphics.

When your day slows down, the 2-in-1 device can serve all your productivity needs while you wait for buyers or sellers or idle in a cafe between showings. Turn some of that downtime into work time by interfacing with back-office systems and tackling substantial administrative or strategic tasks even when on the road. Here, the functionality of a Windows 10 Pro laptop combines with the flexibility of a tablet to drive productivity.

Checking All the Boxes

It’s clear, as a real estate agent, you need to have the flexibility to work while on the go, in both tablet and laptop modes.

As a workhorse, the Samsung Galaxy Book has real muscle. It’s powered by Windows 10 Pro and a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor, so it was designed with productivity in mind. With 8GB RAM and a 256GB solid-state drive, it delivers the power you need outside of the office.

All that laptop-grade power is packaged in a thin, lightweight design that’s easy to carry and makes a statement wherever you are. An S Pen, included with the Galaxy Book, makes it easy for customers to annotate key documents or sign off on property inspections, while a Super AMOLED display meets the need for high dynamic range in visual presentations. No more fumbling with two different devices — the Galaxy Book does everything you need.

Two USB-C ports ensure the user can connect to all devices, while Samsung Flow makes it easy to shift work back and forth between the 2-in-1 and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Transferring property photos between devices, or connecting to a mobile hotspot while showing a property or between showings is now effortless.

Don’t discount the style factor, either — the device is slim and professional-looking and converts easily for seamless multi-tasking. You need mobility, productivity and presentation in a unified tool.

Too often, highly mobile workers are laden down with multiple devices: Phones, tablets and laptops jumbled together in a bag, along with their associated cables. The elegance of the 2-in-1 for real estate agents lies in its ability to simplify a complex need, transitioning smoothly from a deep productivity tool to a stunning customer-facing presentation device.

All of this goes straight to the bottom line. Be more productive and sell more houses; that’s something every real estate agent understands.

See how Samsung’s Galaxy Book can support your productivity on the go.


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