We all know the pain of inefficient meetings. Technology should be an enabler of collaboration, but too often it gets in the way.

Samsung Flip is an innovative digital flip chart solution that aims to turn meeting culture on its head.

Flip takes the best things about flipcharts and makes them digital.

  • Portable: Samsung Flip is paired with a rolling easel, so it’s easy to bring to meetings and informal huddles.
  • Mobile-friendly: Wireless connectivity makes presenting seamless and simple from laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Starts on time: Skip the lengthy boot-up. Embedded sensors activate Flip as you approach the screen, just pick up a pen or rotate the display.
  • Write and draw: It’s smooth and fast like pen and paper, and up to four people can write simultaneously, using any writing tool.
  • Intuitive: Scroll, swipe and navigate user-friendly menus to connect, preview, open and save work.
  • Share notes: Once a meeting concludes, share notes and action items instantly.

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