This year at NRF, attendees were turning their heads at Samsung’s captivating digital signage. The magnitude of this technology, however, far exceeds basic aesthetics.

Digital signage is important to retailers because it touches customers at every point in their journey, explained Shari Sentlowitz, senior manager of commercial display at Samsung Electronics America.

Whether it’s an eye-catching outdoors window display or an indoors interactive kiosk, digital signage enables retailers to:

  • Teach customers about products
  • Execute brand activations
  • Reduce the perception of wait time in the checkout line

As display technology becomes increasingly interactive, retailers can leverage signage to create personalized experiences for customers. These experiences include helping customers find locations and information about products inside the store and ordering products and completing sales transactions. Videowalls and standalone displays can serve content to customers based on what they touch and engage with on the screen.

At NRF, Samsung was excited to unveil the newest addition to its ultra-high-definition displays: the quantum dot LED display (QLED for short). The QLED display is the only LED display on the market that achieves 100 percent color volume and has high dynamic range technology. What that means in a retail environment is that the display you see appears exactly as intended, providing a more immersive and realistic experience than competing products.

After attending NRF 2018, one thing is certain: The future of digital display is bright.

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